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Fight Back with Flip Lok

The Flip Lok® is a door lock that is easily installed on almost any door in your home. Once your Flip Lok® is activated, no one can enter your room, providing extra privacy for every day – or added security, should you ever require it in an emergency. The Flip Lok® is made from and can withstand up to pounds of pressure. It takes less than 5 minutes to install and and less than a second to activate.

The simplest security system, ever.

Security features

Can Be Activated By Anyone

Turns Any Room Into a Safe Room Instantly

Un-Pickable Technology

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Made with High-Grade Aerospace Alloy

  • Commercial Flip Lok: 2100 pounds Strength Tested
  • Residential Flip Lok: 1315 pounds Strength Tested
  • Uncontested durability
  • Anodized hardened installation steel screws
  • High-sheer strength stainless steel
  • Lifetime guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Flip Lok ® be installed in apartments and temporary housing?
What kind of doors does it work for?
What doors should I install it on?
What tools do I need to install it?
Is this product wheelchair friendly?
How to install the Flip Lok®?

Fight Back with Flip Lok